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Because of the local vendors, your experience with ADT will vary greatly based on your location. can someone please lemme know if the security company that did the prewiring scewred me on the price ?Im a new homeowner and never had security system before . Prewire costed my approx 500$ during construction , which includes wiring for one front entry door ,one garage door and the sliding door near by kitchnaccess to deck . After much browsing ,i got no where and decided to go with the company who did the prewire , went with GE Concord 4 , didnt choose the monitoring option ,just wanted to have the system installed and decided to add monitoring at a later point . So they charged me 800$ to install the main system in basement , two control panelsone near garage and one in master a motion sensor and a Siren. Is this is the norm or is it pricey?Last year a cyber attack affected this residence, business sites, phone and devices including TV. Replaced most devices. Two issues remain: house and computer. There is a clicking/shudder sound when visiting websites hard drive was replaced, the sound persisted. There is also a clicking/shudder sound when moving about the house. An Intrusion Detection Inspection was recommended running about $2,000.

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